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Trace MeTM Luggage Tracker

One of the leading causes of anxiety is the fear of losing one’s bag. To mitigate this common concern, Point Links is proud to announce its partnership with the deluxe luggage protection solutions provider, Trace Me Luggage Tracker.

Trace Me is one of the few bag-tracking solutions integrated with the bag management systems utilised by the vast majority of airlines and airports. It is fully authorised by IATA and SITA. Unlike other solutions, it works within the system and not outside of it. Currently, the only means of bag identification is the paper tag tied to your bag at check-in. This often becomes damaged or removed, and the serial number is unable to be read, significantly increasing the risk of your bag becoming lost. Our Trace Me tag enables airline personnel to input the tag’s unique serial number security code into their bag recovery system to identify both your bag, and you, as its owner.

Trace Me is a robust credit card–sized tag attached to your bag that maintains complete anonymity. It is simple to use, easy to register, and puts your mind at ease. At Point Links, we recognise that your luggage and your possessions should be treated just like you – as a VIP.

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