For your convenience, we have captured some of the frequently asked questions from our members and valued customers. Please feel welcome to contact us if you have any further questions.

What does Point Links offer?

Our all-encompassing portfolio of integrated airport hospitality experiences includes airport fast track, limousine services, elite airport lounge access, and other travel-related resources, including the Trace Me luggage-tracking service.

What is a VIP airport fast track service?

A VIP airport fast track service means you are escorted and assisted to and from your airport ground transportation and the aircraft gate. For departure passengers, our greeter provides assistance from the curbside, through the check-in area in the passenger terminal, past immigration and security areas, and right to the aircraft departure gate. For arrival passengers, our greeter escorts each passenger from the arrival gate to the passenger’s ground transportation, assisting with each necessary formality in between.

How do I become a Point Links Elite Member?

Simply complete the Individual or Corporate Membership form on our Join Us page, where you can also find out more about our membership scheme.

Where can I use the Point Links airport fast track service?

Point Links offers express arrival, departure and transit services at over 150 international airports around the world. For more detailed availability of our airport concierge services, please visit our global network page and click the destination you require.

How do I make a booking?

All Point Links reservations can be made online, via email at cs@point-links.com, or by phoning +852 2544 5550. For online reservations, please choose book online and follow the steps below:

  1. Select your desired service
  2. Choose your departure and arrival airports
  3. Enter your flight details
  4. Select your service airport
  5. Select the service type
  6. Complete the primary passenger details
  7. Enter the accompanying guest information, if needed
  8. Enter any other applicable information, e.g. your arrival time at the airport for our departure service, your private transportation details, etc.
  9. Select any other VIP assistance or services you require, e.g. premium airport lounge, luxury airport limousine transfer, or other services
  10. Collect your Point Links booking confirmation by email.

Is fast track immigration assistance, airport porter services, airport lounge access, or in-terminal airport buggy transportation included in Point Links airport fast track service?

The accessibility, speed, and flow of each Point Links service may vary according to each airport. Not all airports offer porters, in-terminal transportation, or premium airport lounges. However, when you make your booking, we will be able to outline the details and requirements of each service provided. Or, please contact us for the current services available at the particular airport you are interested in.

How many people can be included in one booking?

There is no maximum number of allowed passengers in one booking. However, if there are more than 4 passengers, online booking is not permitted. Please feel welcome to contact us for our special group rates and bookings for more than 4 passengers.

Are children allowed access to Point Links’ VIP meet and assist service?

Yes, children are allowed access to our VIP meet and assist service. Additionally, there is no charge for this service for infants (children under 24 months) at selected airports.

What if my booking needs to be cancelled or amended?

  • Reservations, amendments and cancellations must be made according to our Service Reservation Guidelines (unless otherwise stated)
  • Late cancellations will be charged at the full standard rate regardless of whether the user is able to enjoy the service or not
  • Late cancellations will be charged at the full standard rate regardless of whether the user is able to enjoy the service or not

Where will my Point Links greeter meet me?

Arrival service

Our greeter will be waiting for you at, or near, the arrival gate, or at the end of the aero bridge, with welcome signage. Alternatively, if the aircraft has parked at a remote location and you are being transferred from the plane to the terminal by bus, our representative will wait at the bus drop-off point.

Departure service

Our greeter is able to wait for you in several locations, depending on the airport. Our representative will contact you to confirm the meeting point, which will typically either be at the drop-off zone outside the departure terminal, in front of the check in counter, or at the welcome desk of a VIP lounge.

What happens if I arrive late or early?

If your scheduled landing time changes, our greeter will be aware of your new arrival time and will be ready to meet you as soon as you land. For our departure service, if you need to change the scheduled meeting time, please contact our representative so they can be aware of this adjustment.

How will my luggage be handled when using the Point Links airport fast track service?

Point Links offers a dedicated airport porter or luggage handler who will take care of your luggage throughout your journey, right up until you reach the ground transportation arrival service.

Will I need to tip my Point Links personal greeter?

No, and it is not expected by the greeter. If the service you receive is particularly excellent, or if the representative has gone out of their way to help you and you wish to thank them with a tip or gratuity, please feel welcome do so. However, this is entirely at your discretion.

What is the minimum booking, amendment and cancellation time?

  • Shanghai(VIP), Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Philippines:New Booking – 2 days; Amendment/Cancellation – 1 day
  • Shanghai (Dom-VVIP) : New Booking – 4 days; Amendment/Cancellation – 2 days
  • Indonesia, USA, Canada, Turkey, South Africa, Germany, Denmark & Netherlands: New Booking – 4 days; Amendment/Cancellation – 3 days
  • UK: New Booking – 5 days; Amendment/Cancellation – 4 days
  • Vietnam (VVIP): New Booking – 6 days; Amendment/Cancellation – 5 days
  • Australia & Japan Osaka: New Booking – 8 days; Amendment/Cancellation – 3 days
  • Finland: New Booking – 10 days; Amendment/Cancellation – 8 days
  • Guangzhou (Int-VVIP) & Other cities: New Booking – 3 days; Amendment/Cancellation – 2 days

Individual bookings requiring special reservation conditions will be confirmed via email.
Service amendment and cancellation requests should be made through our Customer Service Department ahead of service date. Please feel welcome to contact our 24-hour service hotline (852) 2544 5550 or cs@point-links.com.

I have another question that is not on this list.

Our customer service team is happy to answer any questions you have. Please feel welcome to contact our 24-hour service hotline (852) 2544 5550 or cs@point-links.com..