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Special offer to Point Links Customer

Enjoy 20% off on TRACE ME Luggage Tracker Tag

Published rate HKD 110 per tag

Discounted rate HKD 88 per tag

*For custom design, please contact sales@point-links.com for more information

  • Inclusive of 1 year’s tracing service
  • Product Performance Warranty of an equivalent of USD 500
  • Provides you with a permanent record of bag ownership
  • Displays NO personal data in order to protect your anonymity for security reasons
  • Startup with simple and easy to follow registration process

When an airline loses your bag, the sequence of events is both time consuming and disheartening. The TRACE ME Luggage Tracker Tag is a robust credit card sized Tag with a unique serial number, which is integrated into the SITA WorldTracer bag management system.

On top of the standard airline paper tag, TRACE ME can add another permanent identification of your luggage and help ground handlers to direct it to its correct destination once found. If the airline still loses your bag, you will receive an equivalent of USD 500 Product Performance Warranty as compensation in addition to any other compensation you are eligible to receive from your airline or insurances.

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